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Finally scouted

2012-03-20 14:27:03 by RetroMonkey

After two or three years I've finally been noticed for my artwork. ABOUT DARN TIME! That puts me one step closer to achieving my goal of total world conquest. >:3

My scout goes by RainWithoutClouds on this site. She's awesome! Seriously though, her illustrations are as unique as they are mystifying. Check out some of her stuff sometime. She has a Deviantart page too and she goes by the same name there.

Finally scouted

As I swam through the green and crusty skies,
I finally came to realize that all this time, throughout my rhyme,
There really was no purple lime.

And then the rabbit, oh so kind, told my politely I'VE LOST MY MIND!


2011-11-28 19:51:12 by RetroMonkey

If 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, and we say that doesn't tell us what the ultimate question is, then what this might be telling us is THE REAL ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything must actually be........ "What IS the ultimate question (of life, etc.)".

Dammit I'm so bored.

I've made many submissions...yet still no action!

2010-03-12 18:36:06 by RetroMonkey

Yah, I don't really know what I'm doing wrong here. I mean hey it could be that I'm not very good at art OR there's actually a way I can help myself get realized for my work somehow. I really have no clue, but if you're reading this right now then please take a look at some of my art submissions and then talk to me about it. I've never really interacted with much people on newgrounds besides when I give reviews or when I'm being spammed. Sad, I know. Heheh.

No more posts

2010-01-19 19:42:19 by RetroMonkey

I'm not going to make any more BBS posts until I actually know some people on this site. That way there's a point for me making them. x_X

What I'm up to now

2009-12-16 18:24:29 by RetroMonkey

Right now I am working on a new art submission. Almost done too, I just need to do some final touch-ups to make sure it's as spiffy as it should be. I'm also thinking about making a funny Flash animation regarding Christmas. Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to get to know me or make friends with me on this site then please message me, comment on my posts, WHATEVER. I want to get to know some people on this site.

Alrighty then...

2009-11-22 16:50:44 by RetroMonkey

So yah, here's my new piece of art. "Pixel Forest" is what I decided to call it. Please, if ANYONE likes it, comment on it on the page of it under my art submissions. I would very much like some ratings and comments of my work.

Alrighty then...

Aw yes!

2009-11-13 18:23:19 by RetroMonkey

Alright, so here I's got me a new little piece a work...kind of similar to my illustration "Steamy Twilight," however it has things that Steamy Twilight doesn't. Oh, and if anyone wants to leave a comment on this feel more than welcome, but please do your commenting and all that on the original page that it comes from as well, meaning the page under my art tab. Thank you, I appreciate comments but I would like them to be on the official art pages now. Big thanks to anyone who has commented on any of my art so far, anyway.

Aw yes!

Something new!

2009-09-22 19:06:32 by RetroMonkey

So here it is, my newest art submission! SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT THEY THINK! (huff, huff, huff, ----FAINT----)

Something new!

What I'm recently working on...

2009-09-15 19:14:25 by RetroMonkey

All I have posted on newgrounds so far are 2 pictures for the art portal, and sadly...I still await their entry to the art section. But no worries, I trust that they will make it there one day.

Lately I'm working on more pictures, and at the same time my first flash submission. The animation isn't bad, just not professional. My plan is to keep it quality despite my oh so average animation skill by emphasizing expression and over all comedic talent.