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Entry #10

Finally scouted

2012-03-20 14:27:03 by RetroMonkey

After two or three years I've finally been noticed for my artwork. ABOUT DARN TIME! That puts me one step closer to achieving my goal of total world conquest. >:3

My scout goes by RainWithoutClouds on this site. She's awesome! Seriously though, her illustrations are as unique as they are mystifying. Check out some of her stuff sometime. She has a Deviantart page too and she goes by the same name there.

Finally scouted


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2012-03-20 14:34:34

How does the scouting system work?

RetroMonkey responds:

If someone who's either an already scouted artist or one the actual hired "scouts" for this site thinks your art is good enough for the art portal, then they report that by clicking the "scout this user" button on the webpages that have your art on them.

If you have any more questions then I'll answer them.